All I Own - Sannah Kvist

Photo courtesy Sannah Kvist

Ever feel like you don’t own very much? A fundamental part of being a twenty-something is surviving with second-hand items or making do without.

Sannah Kvist recently photographed a bunch of people “born in the 80s” with every scrap they own piled up in the corner. It’s an interesting concept and Katie over at Yow Yow! discusses it much more eloquently here. Also, if you’d like to check it out, the rest of the pictures are here.

And while I’m talking about photographers, I’d like to take a moment to rant about digital photography. I love my DSLR, don’t get me wrong, however I really hate when pictures such as these have been altered so much that there’s no real photography left to it. These are more like paintings. They have been digitally altered in Photoshop or some other program so that it no longer matters what the original exposure, lens or shutter speed were. The real lighting for the day is no longer relevant, the colors have all been augmented and polarized. Yes, there is still an art to what has been done, but I’d rather pay to have a print that’s natural – not one that may as well be CGI. I’d also never get my breasts augmented and I hate Glee because of all the auto-tuning, so to each their own, I suppose?


The Oscars

“I’m not a star, I’m a human.” – Jean Dujardin

The Academy Awards are the only awards show I watch. Why? I love movies and this is the one time we really get to see the people in them act like human beings on a large scale and there’s nothing quite as touching as when someone who wasn’t expecting to win, does and has a reaction like Octavia Spencer‘s.


My thoughts while watching the Oscars:

  1. Oh, my God I love Michelle Williams!
  2. And… is that Busy Phillips? Omg they’re still friends?! !!!
  3. Is it really that difficult to get people who can speak more naturally in front of the camera, ABC?
  4. The green room is larger than my apartment… by a lot.
  5. Oh. dear. lord. why is this annoying guy from Project Runway everywhere? I’m pretty sure he intentionally acts gayer than he is.
  6. “I’m not a star, I’m a human” – awesome.
  7. Is it just me, or does that dress make Tina Fey look like she has man shoulders?
  8. awww octavia spencer’s crying :DWhite floral Givenchy dress of Audrey Hepburn
  9. HAHAHAHHA racism…
  10. “you go” “no, hugo”
  11. Yeah, I can juggle people with my feet, nbd.
  12. *insert obligatory jew joke here*
  13. <3 RDJr
  14. UPS is hard work, stripping wood is hard work…and then they give me a million dollars” thank you chris rock for keeping it real
  15. I feel like I need to see Hugo…
  16. If my music stand were that big, I wouldn’t need glasses.
  17. There’s something wrong with the microphone. Might wanna fix that.
  18. Who decided Will Ferrel and Zach Galifinakis should be allowed to present together without adult supervision?
  19. Dude, their pit orchestra gets to be in a balcony??? /jealous
  20. Keepin’ it classy ladies. Penis jokes at the Oscars.
  21. I need to marry an Irishman. I could listen to that accent all day.
  22. I’m now imagining what the reaction would have been if Audrey Hepburn had pulled a shot out of her bra in the ’60s
  23. Think Opera’s looking to adopt a 23 year old?
  24. I take it back, I want Merryl Streep to adopt me. Even her acceptance speech made me cry.
  25. $10 tom cruise sneaks a scientology message in subliminally
  26. Awww the french guy’s crying, sooo cute.


Remember that guy I was telling you about?

Well, I ran into him at the bar last night. Forget the part where I knew that this was his favorite bar and he would probably be there, it was completely chance. Turns out that, yeah he had a death in the family, no he’s not interested in me, and apparently I’m really awkward because I didn’t really talk to him all night (I thought he was on a date…), despite the fact that he made no effort to speak to me either. So there it is. Like I said, dating is strange. Were we even dating? I really have no idea. I do know that I’m a little sad he’s not interested, but now I can stop feeling guilty for pseudo-cheating on my pseudo-boyfriend who I can only pseudo-date because he lives on the other side of the country. That sentence made me sound insane, right? Yeah, I know. I think you’ll get over it. I know I did.

Why should almost 2,000 miles (read this) stop me from regularly interacting with someone who really understands me? I think we’ve reached a silent agreement that if ever a time comes in our lives when we may be able to live near each other and there are no other ties, we’ll see whether it works. That we live as far away as we do and have been communicating regularly for a year, care about each other and are able to stay friends when one of us is seeing someone and “lovers” when neither is – is, I believe, healthier than you would think a long distance non-relationship with someone you met on a video game would be. Have I mentioned I know that most of this is just rationalizing? Because I do. Know that.

And now, I will leave with this. My cat has decided that my cowl neck sweatshirt from Victoria’s secret that I usually wear as a pajama top is an invitation for him to stick his head down my shirt.