About the Author

Currently I’m finishing my second associate’s degree (finished May 2012, phew!!!) and preparing to transfer (transferred to Marist College) and finish my bachelor’s (finally) graduating in (hopefully!) spring of 2013 (It actually happened in January 2014 – I wasn’t too far off from that goal, at least) at which time I’ll head off to graduate school for a master’s in education followed by law school. I’m a substitute teacher who only began working in the schools this past October. Since that time I’ve found that what I’m passionate about is how poorly our educational system seems to be serving the real needs of our children I’ll move to Virginia and learn what it’s like to be a military spouse without the benefits of actually being a wife, sell some Avon, and will eventually attend graduate school for English or creative writing or God-knows-what. I spend more time than I should playing video games and I’m definitely part of the “internet” generation.

I’m a person who is spontaneous to the point of insanity while being incredibly neurotic and cautious. I like to stand in the rain and wear flip-flops in winter. I think morals are subjective and arguing is fun. I’ve been marginalized, objectified, abused, worshiped, loved and ignored. I’ve seen more life than some people who have lived twice as long and less than some people half my age. I know loss and strength, kindness and unadulterated hate. I am complex and simple. Independent and longing for love. I am paradoxical and stereotypical and I will no longer compromise my plans and I have, more than once, been reduced to a statistic.

I want to dream big. I want to someday road trip to 49 states, spending at least one night in each. I want to move to Colorado and have a fantastic love affair. I want to be the kind of person whose life is the stuff of legend. I want to serve on the Supreme Court and I want to change the world. I want to be a mother and a wife and a writer. I want to be a free spirit and a force of nature. I want to be all the clichés and prove them wrong.

I’m defining for myself what a woman should be. I’m discovering what sexuality can really mean and that perhaps it’s possible to help people in a significant way. I’m optimistic and disillusioned. I have a habit of wishing for the best in people and find myself too often disappointed. I’m a twenty-something trying to figure out what it means to be young, female, educated, and attractive in a society where women are still often treated like they must either be pretty or smart and they can only choose one.


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