Day 3: Changing the Metaphor

For today’s exercise, we’re exploring ways to break the clichés that spring to all of our minds when speaking in metaphor: Beauty like a rose; Heavy blanket of snow; Sweet as honey. There’s nothing too involved here and there was no real composition required for this exercise so I’m going to jump right in.


The Exercise:


Part 1

Try some new comparisons for the following list:

As slow as 

As heavy as 

As dead as

As fast as 

As red as

As happy as 


Part 2

Make a list of six or seven nouns in a column, then make a list of six or seven adjectives in another column. When you’re finished, randomly connect them and see what you find.


Pro tip: When making your list of nouns, go ahead and look around the room you’re in and just start listing things you see if you’re having trouble. Also, here is a fantastic list of 1,100 adjectives. 


What I ended up with:


Part 1

As slow as gum

As heavy as childhood

As dead as beauty

As fast as a pencil

As red as night

As happy as a motivational poster


Part 2

Tempestuous Boy

Radiant Girl

Palatable Flag

Incandescent Poster

Hapless Student

Globular Teacher

Garrulous Desk

Effervescent Love


Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them here!

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