Day 1: Sixty Seconds

I’ve just discovered this site that is supposed to help improve writing, so, once again, I’m going to return to making one post per day (which essentially translates to me doing one of the exercises on this site per day), until it becomes habit, at which time, I will continue to make one post per day, or at least write for a period of time each day. Hopefully, this will result in my accidentally producing a novel. Kind of like, “Ooops, I just sneezed. Look at this novel I wrote.” I don’t know, something very much like that. That’s reasonable, right?


The Exercise: 

Write for sixty seconds without stopping. Essentially, write whatever pops into your head for sixty straight seconds, even if it’s just writing about the fact that you are writing or have nothing to write about.

What I ended up with: 

Well, here it goes. Sixty seconds of writing. This is kind of similar to what I just did to write the first pen pal letter to my boyfriend. I’ve decided that handwriting letters and sending them via snail mail is what all the cool kids should be doing. It’s mostly because I’m crazy enough to think that all those letters I’ve read about in my Romantics class are really, really awesome. I don’t know. I just have this bizarre nostalgia thing for outdated means of communication. Like talking in person. That’s soooooo last year. Has it been a minute yet?


Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them here!

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