Gathering friends in our online communities

This is probably the fourth or fifth blog I’ve started in my relatively short life, and I’ve never had a very large following. There seems to be this strange idea that if we post things that we think are well written or meaningful, people will magically stumble upon them and start following us without any effort from us except the initial act of writing. I suppose there is the chance that this could happen, but that’s a lot like going to a party and just sitting in the back of the room quietly sipping your punch (something I always do) praying that someone will decide that you look like you might be nice and just walk up to you and start a conversation for no reason. In reality, that’s probably not going to happen. People like to interact with people who are already having fun, because that will benefit them.

What brings all this up? I just read a very informative post by Kristen Lamb which discusses how we can increase our readerships and gain long-term fans (10 Ways to Improve Your “Likability Quotient”). She basically discusses how important it is to interact with other bloggers and to treat it like a community rather than being the random guy on a soap box screaming his head off hoping someone will care.


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