… is so strange. We agree to meet up with people we hardly know because we think they’re attractive or because they think we’re attractive and then, we either like what we experience or we don’t and act accordingly. Alright, so that doesn’t seem too incredibly strange. The strange part is that sometimes, these people just enter our lives for a week or two and then fall off the face of the Earth (okay, so they probably still exist somewhere, but when someone stops texting, calling, or answering my attempts at communication I would like to pretend they no longer exist).

What’s really bothering me at the moment, though, is that I was seeing someone (and be seeing him I mean that we were doing things like meeting for coffee or milkshakes or calzones and then one or both of us would pay and we’d awkwardly wave good-bye in the parking lot), and I thought it was going well and we were at least becoming friends. A week ago, we made tentative plans for later in the evening which never came to fruition, he apologized for being MIA the next day and I haven’t heard from him since. WHAT IS THAT?!

No, really. Should I be wondering if I did something to offend this person? I mean, I’m relatively sure I didn’t injure him in any way, definitely not physically and I’m positive that he was more than willing to drop everything and meet up whenever I wanted and was very quick to respond until he suddenly wasn’t and no longer does. So what happened? Seriously. I really just… don’t get it.

And on a completely unrelated topic, a girl in an eighth grade class I subbed for recently, showed me this:

Which she claims to have made herself. I’m altogether impressed by the logic chain and overwhelmingly concerned by the level of neurosis.


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