Heartbreak’s a drag or something more eloquent.

It’s a familiar touch, but it’s the wrong hands. It’s a comfortable warmth, but that’s the wrong body, and the kiss is completely off. Some loves end with a wound that’s so deep, instantly burning so sharp and so strong that it cauterizes and you never have to heal.

Conversely, this love is a cancer. The things you enjoy, the things that can make you better, the things that you would hide behind to mask the pain – they all hurt, remind you of what’s been lost: the future you’d hoped for.

This true love makes anything less taste like gluten-free cake or artificially sweetened coffee. The texture is wrong, the flavor is acidic and it just isn’t worth the time or calories.

This love you let yourself feel, depend on, trust showed you everything that you wanted. Offered you everything you’d been praying for and just as quickly revoked it.

So here you find yourself in those familiar hands that feel completely wrong, being kissed by that mouth you know belongs to someone who doesn’t care and trying to pretend that warmth is someone else. Discovering that this love changed you, you can’t make the same mistakes you once did, you can’t turn back and follow those same self-destructive paths and you certainly can’t lean on those same people you know you can’t trust.

Rather than that last love which left you broken, drawn and quartered and sobbing, this love has left you stronger.

Oh, and it makes you want to write silly emotional blog posts.


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