Movie a Day: Growing Op

Movie a Day: July 30 “Growing Op”


So I’m a terrible person and I’ve completely abandoned you guys…

Well, no, not quite. I’ll still be linking my work here (perhaps still posting originally here from time to time as well), but for the most part I have switched to Triond which I am really hoping isn’t a scam. It’s a site that apparently allows you to earn some revenue from the stuff you’re probably putting online anyway (so far, I’ve made $.12 so I doubt I’ll be able to retire on this), but it’s also being published, like technically being actually published (the requirements to be published by this site seem rather loose) and it keeps it all in a portfolio for you.

Anyway, my point: keep checking back, keep following me, keep showing me love – the content will still be here, just in a slightly different format. Also please check out my portfolio site: – I will love you forever <33