Part 2

When I say that your confidant should be somewhat feminine I don’t mean to say that he needs to be gay or genuinely effeminate or even really have any feminine sense. Ultimately he just has to be someone who was probably raised only by his mother and who clearly lacks any sense of (rather, more accurately a false sense of) what a “man” is. I mean let’s face it, we don’t want to sit around telling someone about how some retarded ape thought it would be an excellent idea to drag you through the woods on a hike on the first date in 30 degree weather when you obviously weren’t dressed for it. I mean, seriously men. Believe it or not, I know you have a penis without you forcing me to partake in some activity which shows off you masculinity.That’s also not to say that those men aren’t useful and don’t have their place in your life. Like I said before, we all need someone to fix our cars and maybe in exchange let them man-handle us for an afternoon. Oh, I do enjoy a good man-handling.Anyway, I was grabbing a bite with my confidant, my right-hand femi-man, if you will, and I swear, I think he was jealous. Obviously, jealousy is not something he’s supposed to be feeling. I will only accept empathy, sympathy and support from his position. But, we were sitting there and I was telling him about this date that I’d had with this man I met at a gallery opening about a month ago while I was out with this completely boring older gentlemen who had served so well for acquiring some new jewelry…


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