Picture Frame Part Deux (The edited version.)

Beginning from a single point in the glass snaking cracks worked their way out creating a web of destruction. Once a shining smooth surface, it was now a treacherous landscaped marred by deep crevices reaching through to the other side. What was previously a unified whole was now, nearly shattered into countless pieces.

Beneath this devastated surface, moments from the past were still laying peacefully; those tranquil shots from a distant past: a creek luminous with the light of a late afternoon sun, a blazing sunset beneath an old bridge. Those pictures, taken to adorn the wall of a happy humble home; taken for longevity with no fear for the future.

As she carefully, slowly gathered the shards of glass she knew there would be nothing to salvage. After enough damage, no amount of repair can return something to how it once was. She scooped the broken pieces into a filthy old dustpan and carried it over to the trash. Pausing a moment, she looked at the pictures which had been dragged across the floor along with the glass. Scratched and dusty, she decided they were no longer worth keeping.


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