WoW 1

I sat staring at my screen, silently begging him to log on. Taking another bite of my pizza, I impatiently tabbed out to check my Facebook.

Anyone who spends enough time playing MMOs would agree that after a while, you wind up just killing time while waiting for people to log on. When a friend convinces you to spend the $29.95 for the original game, that same friend fails to mention how, after enough time has passed, that game will become your entire circle of friends; that for $29.95 you’re buying a niche culture: a ticket for admittance into a society unto itself.

That being said, I absentmindedly scrolled down my feed, not really paying attention to the self-absorbed status updates of my friends, the random declarations or various links to videos ranging from strange to informative to disgusting or entertaining. I just wanted him to log on. My entire conscious will was focused on urging his name to appear in the bottom left hand corner of my screen.

I sighed deeply, typed in the address for Pandora and tabbed back into my game. Pressing the “o” button I opened my friends list to see if he’d logged while I wasn’t looking. No luck.

[Guild][Markiemark]: anyone wanna do nething
[2.Trade][Herburgers]: Anal [Force Strike]
[2.Trade][Sheasdamon]: Anal [Thunderclap]
[Guild][Zoghsleak]: id do your mom
[Guild][Peadasdf]: Dude, you don’t wanna do his mom. Believe me. I’ve seen her. I’ve see crack whores who look better than her.
[2.Trade][Chromiumdelta]: anal [Tranquility]
[Guild][Candienziia]: lol it’s prolly true…
[Guild][Candienziia]: i mean, we know what she produced
[John Smith] (Conjulamo) has come online.

Finally. He was on.

Please feel free to submit any comments. I probably won’t continue this since it doesn’t have much viability as a story, but I felt like I needed something to get me started. Thank you to whomever may read this. :)


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